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KopiCloud App AWS Inventory Account Manager

Free tool to add multiple AWS Credentials to AWS Inventory tools. Include command line versions for Windows, Linux and macOS.

AWS Inventory Account Manager CMD is a command-line tool to add multiple AWS Credentials to AWS Inventory.

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Explore the capabilities of AWS Inventory Account Manager

AWS Inventory CMD is the Windows Command Prompt version of our best-selling tool for customers who prefer to use the command line or look to automate the delivery of AWS inventories.

This tool is for AWS Inventory registered customers and requires a valid license. To purchase a license click here.


 Windows Version: Windows x64 Operating System.

 macOS Version:Apple macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" or later.

 Linux Version: Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS), 18.04 (LTS), 20.04 (LTS) or later / CentOS 7 or later / Debian 9 or later / Fedora 32 or later / openSUSE 15 / RHEL 7 or later / SLES 12 SP2 or later.

 .NET Runtime 6.x installed. Instructions are here.

How to use AWS Inventory Account Manager CMD?

Execute AWSInventory Account Manager CMD without any options:

D:\KopiCloud-Tools> AWSInventoryAccountManagerCMD

Show Secret Keys. By default, the tool hide secrets. Use the --showsecrets parameter to display secret keys:

D:\KopiCloud-Tools> AWSInventoryAccountManagerCMD --showsecrets

List AWS Regions - list all AWS Regions supported by the tool. Use the list to create the account file

D:\KopiCloud-Tools> AWSInventoryAccountManagerCMD --regionlist

Account File Format:

To create a the file with accounts, create a text file and add a credentials per line with the following information:

 Account Name
 AWS Account Key
 AWS Secret Key
 AWS Region Name (accept region id or region name)

AWS Inventory Account Manager File


Release Date: July 06, 2022 - Version 1.00

 First public release of AWS Inventory Account Manager CMD