How To Configure KopiCloud Tools Authentication for AWS

The process to configure your AWS account requires to generate an AWS API Key and configure your application to use these AWS credentials.

After you generate your AWS API Keys, click on the Manage Cloud Credentials button in your application.

Enter a name for your AWS Profile (only letters and numbers are accepted), your AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key. Then click the Validate Information button.

Select your default AWS Region and click the Save New Profile button.

And you are ready to start using KopiCloud Tools!


All credentials are stored in the file Kopi.AWS.Credentials, located in the same folder of your applications.

You can copy and reuse the same credentials file Kopi.AWS.Credentials, for multiple applications.

Free versions of same applications are limited to 3 AWS Accounts. If you copy a credentials file with more than 3 credentials it will load only the first 3 accounts.